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December 12 2014


Criminal Case


Publisher: Pretty Simple

Rating: 4.5

Criminal Case
It's a game that makes you feel like a badass detective, or even Sherlock Holmes. Or maybe that's just me. You need a keen eyesight, and must be quick about finding each of the clues. All things considered, you need time bonus. As soon as you start playing, Detective Jones is the one who tells you what to do, and gives you hints along the way. However the hints get their limits, at five bars.

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You have a Tablet within the game, which is the place you get your cases from. And as for the cases, not only do you need to find all of the clues on the crime scene, there's a lab where all the autopsies are performed and you have to go and discuss all the not-so-gory stuff, in order that the lab geek gives you another clue regarding the criminal you're seeking to catch. You might also need a forensic kit.

Your hints, time and score bonus, are added up once you get the clues, and they are the things that decide whether you get a star or not. And don't forget the gold coins. They all so give you experience, and are what improve your level. To analyze cases, you will need your power. And each case has its own energy cost. So, after getting all the clues, you need to arrest the killer. And there's always multiple suspect. You need to arrest the one using the most matches.

If you like the 'identify and spot the object' kind of game, but, Criminal Case is quite fun to play.

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